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Spiritual does not mean religious.  Embracing and understanding your spirituality often gives depth to a chosen religious path. Spiritual counseling is a mentorship program where we focus on the heart, and awakening the healing powers within.


Spiritual counseling is a mentorship program in which we:


Quite often those who have experienced profound healing on a soul level discover that they are ready for more positive changes in their lives.  Often, effecting these changes in ones day-to-day life can be quite challenging.  Spiritual counseling, in combination with life empowerment coaching lightens your way to help ease and illuminate issues in your life.  We offer a compassionate,  holistic approach to assist you in clarifying issues, clearing limiting beliefs, expanding awareness, building self-esteem and creating a more fulfilling life. Our goal is to empower you.


You will learn how to:

· access inner guidance and wisdom

· transform challenges into opportunities for growth

· turn negatives into positives and connect with the POWER within you

· realize and express your true potential

· connect with your "inner essence" your "true power"

· create life fulfilling goals that are in line with what you truly want


We help you to clear your own blocks while providing you with the tools to help you move forward in the easiest, most fulfilling way possible.


To find out if Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring is for you contact us, either telephonically or via e-mail.  We will be happy to talk with you first before you decide to make a booking.


To establish whom you would like to facilitate your Regression Therapy session please view our practitioners profiles.


Our Regression Therapists are:

Awaya Crow

Tania Naudé

(the contact details for each practitioner are listed on their profile)


Energy Exchange:
R450.00 per consultation (1 - 1½ hours)

Spiritual Counseling & Mentoring